Helpful Conversations: Practice Handbook for Counselling and Psychotherapy

With the increasing complexity of everyday life, the need for support is growing. People have their flowers watered, their homes cleaned, their shopping done, their tax returns done, up to and including the inadmissible things like getting dissertations written. The apparently simplest form of support is helpful conversations. This book is about the dos and don’ts for making conversations helpful.

Dr. Imre Marton Remenyi was born in Budapest and lives in Vienna. He is a psychotherapist and teaching therapist for systemic family therapy. In addition, he works as a trainer and organizational counselor and teaches at several Universities. His focus is on people dealing with themselves and others.
He is the author of several books and is internationally in demand as a counselor and coach for individuals whose position is in the public sphere which requires the highest professionalism and absolute discretion.
Dr. Imre Marton Remenyi works in six languages.