Vienna International Management School is the exclusive address for the elite of CEOs who want to stay at the top.

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Vienna International Management School

“If you stop getting better, you stop being good – and “good” is not good enough for the top.”

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With us, you strengthen precisely and exactly those of your competencies that consolidate your place at the top and secure it in the long term.
Whether personality development, soft skills, professionalism, or leadership competence – we bring in highly qualified experts from a pool of thousands of academics and practitioners for one-on-one exchange.
You take just as much time as you need and decide on methods suitable for you.


In the one-on-one principle, you will be accompanied at your personal pace on exactly those topics with tailor-made methods that suit you. All employees of Vienna International Management School are obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality.

We attach great importance to your anonymity. Therefore, the following success reports are anonymized

Success Stories

What our customers say about us

Bert F. PhD

CEO, 6,500 employees

“My CFO is brilliant, and I trust him completely. Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, I wanted to understand my company figures myself, too.”

Sabine H. MA

Owner, 750 employees

At VIMS, I always found suitable experts who guided me sensitively and patiently through the rapids.

Herbert W. GM

125 employees

“With regular professional training at VIMS, I found joy and fun in leadership. I noticed how all my employees started flourishing.”

Foundation and Management

Imre Marton Remenyi PhD MA MAS MSc

Psychotherapist and Teacher of Psychotherapy SF
University Lecturer, Organizational Consultant

Tel. +43 676 38 29 298

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Joy of Conflict

We have to accept that our lives are full of conflicts. Hardly anyone has learned to…